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Kew Little Pigs

Kew Little Pigs is a micro pig farm based in 3 acres at the heart of Beautiful Amersham, that lets piggy lovers spend time with micro pigs in their home and see what they are really like! They also run micro pig keeping courses for people interested in buying a micro pig - which they can also help with - but have no experience!

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The Kew Little Pigs websites

What we did

We started by analysing the state of the current site as it was an existin WordPress website but we quickly noticed that they were the victims of a lot of spam both off page and on page via comments etc. We made sure we took this into account from the get go. Rather than build on the existing site we created a fresh installation on our servers and carefully moved across any content we were keeping by hand.

With this done we could focus on created a design that told the story of this Micro Pig farm and gave the website a more polished and exicting feel to it. We also tackled the navigation and primary user flows of the site at this point too as the old site wasnt very well optimised to get users into the "product" pages to book their visits.

We also took the opportunity to make better use of the great photography Kew Little Pigs already had of their farm and the little oinkers themselves. This uplifted the design and gave a much better insight into what a visit to farm would entail.

The Kew Little Pigs homepage

The Results

The results were pretty instant for this business after fixing a number of high priority SEO issues and creating a much smoother user flow getting potential customers into the "product" pages to book their vists to the farm much quicker.